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Marsha Guinn
Accountant - Consultant
San Francisco, CA

Marsha has spent the last 12 years running her own bookkeeping/accounting practice called MG Accounting. Her clients have included start-up companies, law firms, small entrepreneurial organizations and companies in distress. With a stable track record of handling business from startup to profitability, Marsha has built her practice to serve the needs of small and start-up executives. As a sole practitioner with over twenty years experience in accounting, information technologies, and business management, Marsha enjoys rolling up her sleeves and working with her clients to solve their everyday business problems.

Prior to founding MG Accounting, Marsha held a number of accounting and accounting-related positions with various companies and organizations, including Coopers & Lybrand, the Office of the Madera County Superintendant of Schools, the Law Offices of Stanley J. Bell, and the Law Firm of Lukens & Drummond. After the birth of the first of her three children, desiring more flexibility in her working hours, Marsha started MG Accounting, with several of her original employers signing on as clients. Since 1995, she has continued to provide top-notch accounting and bookkeeping services to these clients and more, including a family day-care center and two manufacturing service companies. In addition to having a diverse client-base and accounting background, Marsha is an expert in assisting new and emerging companies manage the financial and start-up issues they face.

Marsha possesses an in-depth knowledge of QuickBooks, MYOB, Quicken, TimeSlips, Excel, Word Perfect and Microsoft Word, and her "systems" approach to solving small business accounting problems has earned her the respect of both her clients and her peers. She has excellent language and writing skills as well as a sharp analytical mind, and these attributes nicely complement her extensive working knowledge of accounting trends and practices.

Currently providing post-acquisition services to software industry leader Alopa Networks, Marsha continues to broaden her knowledge base while maintaining a tradition of excellent service that is widely recognized by her clients and others as the standard to beat.

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